Sleep Support

The Millette Method

I am lucky to be one of a select hand full of sleep consultants trained in The Millette Method™.

The Millette Method™ is a multi-disciplinary evidence-based approach to family sleep developed out of Dr. Angelique Millette’s twenty years of researching family sleep and assisting families with sleep challenges. The Millette Method™ does not follow one specific sleep method, but rather uses a tool box of many different methods which can be modified to suit the child’s history and sleep issue. The Millette Method™ takes into account family schedule, infant/toddler/child development, temperament, feeding method, and parenting philosophy, all while keeping an eye on sleep deprivation, parental overwhelm, and attachment.

Hand in Hand Parenting

Neuroscience & the Power of Listening

Hand in Hand Parenting’s mission is to support parents and provide them the insights and skills they need to listen to and connect with their children in a way that allows each child to thrive.

The Hand in Hand (HIH) philosophy and Parenting By Connection approach are rooted in evidence-based research and neuroscience.

HIH arms parents with the tools to effectively connect with their children through listening, play, and self-care and recognizes that in order for parents to handle the really tough moments of parenting, they need strong internal resources.

HIH teaches parents a basic understanding of how children’s emotions work, as well as practical tools to help parents work together with children through tough times. In addition, HIH offers tools and resources for parents to find the connections that they need to support themselves and bolster their own internal resources. 

Lauren is a self-proclaimed neuroscience geek. She fell in love with Hand in Hand Parenting and their Parenting by Connection approach instantly. Before finding HIH, Lauren saw that within her practice, listening and connection were integral in every family’s ability to thrive. HIH parenting not only provided the science to explain all that she had seen in her work, but also provided further practical tools to help parents work with their children’s brain chemistry to foster real connection and learning, not just behavior modification. The results of this kind of conscious parenting last beyond helping a child to be quiet at dinnertime - they last a lifetime. Lauren became a Certified Hand in Hand Parenting Instructor in 2012. Hand in Hand Parenting is integrated into most aspects of her practice. 

  • Learn how Lauren helped her daughter through a significant trauma utilizing Hand in Hand Parenting methods, on HIH’s blog.
  • Visit Hand in Hand Parenting’s website to learn more about the HIH approach, take advantage of their collection of community resources and free parenting articles.

Mindfulness for mamas

After developing a seizure disorder in college and being medicated for a few years, Lauren chose to use meditation ad mindfulness as her primary tool for battling seizures. Through this practice, she was able to retrain my brain to function in a more peaceful, healthful manner without medication.

With the amazing guidance of meditation and spiritual teacher Lori del Mar, Lauren has been living seizure free and without medication for nearly two decades. After many years of feeling the pulls of motherhood challenge her spiritual practice and health, she realized that parenthood, itself, is best approached as a spiritual practice in and of itself. The wisdom she learned through her clients experiences, particularly in her New Parent Support Groups, aided in her development of a whole new well of simple meditations, tools, approaches, exercises, and information that helps Lauren to embrace each parenting challenge as an opportunity for mindfulness, growth, and further happiness.

Mindfulness for Mamas sessions are hour-long phone sessions catered to the interests and needs of each client. Sessions include a combination of:

  • Compassionate listening (Read: a moment for moms to vent and be heard!)
  • Support in helping moms reconnect with themselves as individuals and as mothers
  • Connecting to the kind of mother you want to be
  • Facing fears and anxieties and finding the lessons within them
  • Support in creating and maintaining self-care routines, learning to ask for help, and reconnecting to your creativity
  • Practical tools that help you work more harmoniously with your partner through parenting choices
  • Emotional and practical tools for going back to work gracefully
  • Finding clarity in figuring out your next steps and long term goals
  • Practical tools for working with children and babies
  • Education about infant and child development, practical parenting tools, and every day help to help normalize your experience and solve basic problems 
  • Meditation to lift the weight of it all and increase your resilience, health, clarity, and joy in each moment and your life