Sleep training with Lauren's guidance was an absolute godsend, and transformative for our family. 

From the moment we had our initial consultation, I knew we were in great hands even though I was extremely nervous about the recommended technique. The consultation was very thorough, and Lauren really got to know our family, our home environment and routines, background details about my pregnancy, and what we "wanted sleep to look like." Throughout the entire process she was extremely accessible, open, and straightforward with us, and there were absolutely no "stupid questions." And I asked them all. As a mother, Lauren has been there, and easily relates to all of the fears and anxieties new parents have about helping their babies learn to embrace sleep. Our fears were never challenged, but rather validated, which was very important to me. Our little girl fought hard on the first night, but eventually made remarkable progress, and even though we faced some starts and stops during the course of the training, Lauren really encouraged us (and helped us encourage our baby) to stick through it. We emerged victorious at the end, and now have a little one who is incredibly comfortable sleeping in her crib during naptime and bedtime, and who understands how to put herself back to sleep. We owe Lauren a debt of gratitude and would absolutely recommend her to anyone looking for support and assistance through such a difficult time. Thank you for changing all 3 of our lives! You're the best.

-Carla, Kenny, and Julia Lee

Dana Asper

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