My husband and I contacted Lauren Scout after our daughter (now 7.5 months old) hit her 4-month sleep regression, which was NO JOKE.

After multiple nights of wake ups every 2 hours to 45 minutes, we were desperate for help and guidance. I was very hesitant to sleep train, having read all kinds of terrible fear-mongering articles about how badly it will "damage your child," but had attempted alternative techniques using books, to no avail. I very much trusted Lauren, (having attended her mothers' circle at Natural Resources,) and believed that whichever approach she recommended, she would do so with the utmost compassion and wisdom. Our primary goals were to move our baby from a bedsharing arrangement to her own crib, and eventually her own room. At the time, she resisted being set down in her crib to sleep, and was also sleeping very erratically and restlessly even though she was nestled between her parents. Needless to say, our additional goal was to help mom and dad get their sleep groove back and feel like human beings again.

Dana Asper

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