Sleep training with Lauren's guidance was an absolute godsend, and transformative for our family. 

From the moment we had our initial consultation, I knew we were in great hands even though I was extremely nervous about the recommended technique. The consultation was very thorough, and Lauren really got to know our family, our home environment and routines, background details about my pregnancy, and what we "wanted sleep to look like." Throughout the entire process she was extremely accessible, open, and straightforward with us, and there were absolutely no "stupid questions." And I asked them all. As a mother, Lauren has been there, and easily relates to all of the fears and anxieties new parents have about helping their babies learn to embrace sleep. Our fears were never challenged, but rather validated, which was very important to me. Our little girl fought hard on the first night, but eventually made remarkable progress, and even though we faced some starts and stops during the course of the training, Lauren really encouraged us (and helped us encourage our baby) to stick through it. We emerged victorious at the end, and now have a little one who is incredibly comfortable sleeping in her crib during naptime and bedtime, and who understands how to put herself back to sleep. We owe Lauren a debt of gratitude and would absolutely recommend her to anyone looking for support and assistance through such a difficult time. Thank you for changing all 3 of our lives! You're the best.

-Carla, Kenny, and Julia Lee

My husband and I contacted Lauren Scout after our daughter (now 7.5 months old) hit her 4-month sleep regression, which was NO JOKE.

After multiple nights of wake ups every 2 hours to 45 minutes, we were desperate for help and guidance. I was very hesitant to sleep train, having read all kinds of terrible fear-mongering articles about how badly it will "damage your child," but had attempted alternative techniques using books, to no avail. I very much trusted Lauren, (having attended her mothers' circle at Natural Resources,) and believed that whichever approach she recommended, she would do so with the utmost compassion and wisdom. Our primary goals were to move our baby from a bedsharing arrangement to her own crib, and eventually her own room. At the time, she resisted being set down in her crib to sleep, and was also sleeping very erratically and restlessly even though she was nestled between her parents. Needless to say, our additional goal was to help mom and dad get their sleep groove back and feel like human beings again.

My partner and I were having some significant difficulties with our 4 month old daughters' sleep. 

We were both overwhelmed and our daughter was waking up every 2-3 hours but she was inconsolable no matter what we did. She likely was overtired and we knew we needed to try sleep training for her but when you're sleep deprived it's hard to read all the books about sleep and come up with a plan.  We called Lauren at the high recommendation of another mother who had consulted with her and even within talking with her for her initial assessment already felt so much more confident about what we were doing and trying.  She is very knowledgeable but also incredibly empathetic and patient.  She is really responsive to all questions and gets back to you quickly which is great especially when you've had a rough night where you're not sure if you're doing the right thing.  She empowers you to trust your instincts and gives you encouragement along the way which really built up our confidence so that now we feel like we can handle any setbacks in the future.  I'm so glad we were able to work with her!

-Amy, Physician and Mama to Sydney

My husband and I were so very fortunate to have had the opportunity to work with Lauren. As first time parents, we were at a loss with our then 15 week old daughter's sleep issues; we were all beyond exhausted and cranky.

Enter Lauren, with her amazing energy, positivity and loving guidance and in a flash our little one (and we!) were all getting some much needed sleep and finally able to really enjoy one another. We cannot recommend Lauren highly enough. There's no way we would have been able to help our sweet girl learn to navigate sleep on her own without her love and guidance. When she says your little one is resilient, capable and will come out the other side a completely different and happier baby it's true!-- 

-Annie Graves and Baby Delilah Graves

When my son was born I never imagined we would have a colicky baby on our hands. He was sweet, handsome and doe eyed but totally unsettled, inconsolable and one of the worst sleepers ever!

I struggled and found support where I could... starting with Lauren's support group at Natural Resources.  

After lots of reading & discussions I knew we needed some serious help in the sleep department. I chose Lauren because I was looking for someone with compassion, not just information. She provided some emotional support, reassurance and of course, the tools, we needed to sleep train. She was also realistic. We knew it would be an on-going process, and it was. There are nights where we still struggle but we turn back to the fundamentals we were taught and they continue to help us.  Yes we have an off night/nap here and there but overall my son has turned into a great sleeper and we are all happier as a result!

-Gabby Duno Turner and Andres Turner